Overnight Viagra

If you have any problems with your erection, then try Viagra, which is considered an effective impotency medicine.

Taking one Viagra pill will change your sexual life.

According to Maslow's Heirchy of basic human needs, sexual desire is at the primary level along with food and shelter. If impotence invades one's penis, the person is unable to fulfill his sexual desires. As a result, the person cannot elevate himself to upper spiritual level. A number of drugs are available in the market for the treatment of impotence but the most effective and most commonly prescribed is Pfizer's Viagra. Viagra was developed by Pfizer, a well-known pharmaceutical company, in 1998. Since then its demand has consistently increased due to increasing prevalence of impotence. Viagra effectively smothers impotence.

Health and fitness plays a major role in the well being of a person; mentally, physically and socially. This is more important for older persons. Despite their old age, they can still live longer if they take into account exercise and physical activeness. Being physically inactive is risky especially to the aged. Older persons tend to have exponential growth hence the need to increase activeness by exercising. Many seniors are being advised to age actively. Active aging means growing older in good health. They are advised to do activities such aerobics which is to be done moderately. They are also advised to perform strengthening activities which will assist them to improve their balance.

Viagra drug acts by increasing the flow of blood into the penile region. Viagra dialates the blood vessels in the penis, which allows more flow of blood. Once there is a good blood flow in the penis, it gets good erection. Another thing is that the erection is known to last for longer periods.

How taken

Never take Viagra without consulting the doctor. Coming in tablet form, Viagra should be used 60 minutes ahead of any sexual activity. The normal dosage is 50 mg but for elderly people, the dosage is halved. Once the drug is taken, you can have great pleasure for the next four long hours.

Once taking Viagra, always keep a gap of 24 hours between two dosages.

Missed dose

There is no way a Viagra dose can be missed. The drug is only taken by persons who need it.


When taking Viagra,, you have to be cautious. Never take Viagra if you are using any nitrate containing medicines as using the two at trhe sme time will lead to a sudden fall of the blood pressure, which could be fatal.

If you have any allergic reactions to iagra, never use it in the future. Before the impotency drug is prescribed, tell the doctor about all the medicines that you are using as some of the drugs are known to interact with viagra.

Never consume alcohol or drink grape juice or eat grape when taking Viagra. They can have adverse impact on the body.

Viagra is known to cause sudden vision problems. Well, it is not known if Viagra is the main cause of the sudden eye problems. People who had heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and who were diabetic had only experienced such vision loss conditions.

Side effects

Like all drugs, Viagra also has many side aeffects and comes with allergic reactions. Abnormal vision, indigestion, flushing, diarrhea, headache, urinary tract infection and nasal congestion are some of the side effects that come with Viagra.

If you have any impotency problems, it is better to consult the doctor rather than taking any drug. Well, when you consult the doctor for your erectile deficiency problems, you should have to discuss with the doctor about all the medical conditions. The doctor will be able to prescribe the right Viagra dosage only if you frankly disclose all your medical details.

Tell the doctor if you have any of the following conditions: heart diseases, irregular heart beat, high pressur, low pressure, coronary artery disease, kidney problems, liver issues, blood problems, stomach ulcers, bleedng problems, retinitis pigmentosa and Peyronie's disease. The doctor will go for dosage adjustments or may even not prescribe the drug if you have any of these conditions.

Well, people who have prolonged erection after taking viagra should have to be cautuious. Prolonged erections are known to damage the penis. If such a condition arises, stop the drug and immediately contact the doctor.

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